Welcome to Flip Paints ...

  • Australian made and sourced in Sydney
  • Water based range of paints, stains, polyurethane and more.
  • Stylish colour palette targeting Codern, Classic, Hampton and Coastal themes.
  • Range of sizes to meet beginner through high end flipper needs.

Simple, effective and economical ...

Flip Paints have been developed from our experience through running a fulltime flipping operation combined with retailing flipping products.

In developing the range we have been cognisant to meet a number of objectives which evolved from research and feedback. 

  • Ease of use
  • Deliver expectional results
  • Affordable and economical
  • Meet needs of beginner and experience/high volume flippers

Flip Paints deliver a complete range of Paints, Stains, Top Coat, Primer and Metallics.

The range is entirely water based.  Making application easy and clean up simple.

The Furniture Paint is a mineral paint, with a number of advantages.  With built in top coat, there is no need to seal.  It also has self leveling properties which lends to exceptional finishes.

All Flip Paints are thick and creamy and tinted on a white base.  This means from whites to the boldest colours, just 2 coats in most cases are more than enough.

With the Mineral Paint in sizes from 250ml to 4 Litres, there is the opportunity to try flipping for the first time, without a large outlay on paint,  explore new colours or alternatively buy larger quantities to reduce the cost of flipping.

Flip Paints' Mineral Furniture Paint retail at a price point that is more than competitive in the Australian market, with 250ml - $22, 500ml - $33, 1 Litre $55 and 4 Litres $169.

Who are we looking for?

If you are passionate about flipping and helping people to either start flipping or assist in their growth as flippers, you have all the qualifications to become a stockist.

We would love to hear from you to discuss the opportunity further in setting you up as a Flip Paints stockist.

Stockist Support ...

As retailers of flipping products ourselves we understand the support a stockist relies upon from a brand to maximise their investment.  In partnering with Flip Paints you will experience.

  • Consistent Supply Chain - Our products are manufactured in Sydney and shipped from our location in Sydney.  Having stock on your shelves is key to you being able to sell and our local manufacturing of the range ensures continued availability. 
  • Content - We will provide continued content in various media formats for your use to promote the range.
  • Geographic Protection - You will have the assurance that we will protect your turf.  We will keep sufficient distance between stockists.  In additional the Flip Paints' website Stockist Locator finds the closest stockist for the user when coming to the site.
  • Up to 50% profit margin on sales.
  • Marketing collateral including hand painted colour cards, painted spoons and stain samples for shop display plus more are part of your starter pack set up of stock and available ongoing.

We are also 100% committed to a true sales channel partnership with our stockists.  To this level we provide the following assurances to protect your investment, reward your hardwork in growing the brand and avoid any conflict of interest between Flip Paints as a paint brand and Flip Style our commercial flipping business.

  • Once 20 stockists are onboarded nationally, Flip Style, our retail store front, will be removed from the Flip Paints' stockist locator.  Meaning you are not competing with our retail business when customers search for stockists through the Flip Paints website.
  • Flip Style will always sell at RRP and cease to offer online discounts of Flip Paint products.  Flip Style will also cease to offer discounted bundle offers online.
  • Flip Paints will only sell directly to stockists and never offer on our website the opportunity for end users to purchase directly from Flip Paints. 

Just like you, we have had a number of experiences onboarding new brands.  Juggling the need to have all the products ranged on the shelves, with the restraints this can place on cashflow, is a scenario we wish to provide a solution to.  To be a Flip Paints stockist, we do require you to range the complete Flip Paints range of paint, primers, stains, top coats, waxes and accessories.  To reduce the impost on you, whilst allowing you to grow your Flip Paints business, we offer 2 alternate starter packs, as below, along with an installment plan over 4 months.

  • First you can choose to range either, both finishes (Low Sheen & Satin), the full starter pack or range just one of the finishes (Low Sheen or Satin, the single starter pack.
  • The Full Starter pack in total is $6,206.  To start as a stockist, there is an initial payment of $3,000, then on days 30, 60, 90 & 120 after delivery of this stock, 4 equal payments of $801.50 to finalise the initial invoice.
  • The Single Starter pack in total is $3,979. To start as a stockist, there is an initial payment of $2,000, then on days 30, 60, 90 & 120 after delivery of this stock, 4 equal payments of $494.75 to finalise the initial invoice.
  • Both packs in addition to the full set up of stock, include a full set of painted and labelled wooden spoons for store display,  50 x Original Colour Cards, 54 colours including the Love Shack range and 50 x She Shed range colour cards..

Join Flip Paints Today!

Whether you currently stock paint or are thinking of starting up a retail business and are interested in Flip Paints, we would love to talk with you further.

Please complete the following and we will be in contact to discuss the opportunity.

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