Retailer Introduction

Becoming a Flip Paints retailer ...

Hi, my name is Stewart Cook, I am the owner with my wife Bree of Flip Style and now Flip Paints.  Over the years flipping has always been a hobby.  Prior to Covid (version 1, the original, back when we through 2020 was the worst year ever!), I had a sales business.  Unfortunately it went bust, so we took up the challenge, opened a workshop and started flipping fulltime.

Whilst wishing I had made this jump 20 years ago, the experience of corporate sales has given me a great understanding of how this industry, can grow as one from not only a retail perspective, but also from a flipping point of view.  In this I mean all those punters at home, flipping as a side hustle.

The introduction of Flip Paints to our business has been made to fill a hole in the market, which we have identified primarily through discussions with end users and other flipping retailers.

Flip Paints has been created to fill both our needs as retailers and the demands of the customer.  Ultimately we all need to be able to paint furniture, efficiently and effectively, with the highest quality and longest lasting finish and with Flip Paints and the CSPP method, we are confident this can be achieved.


The CSPP methodology is not only an effective process for flipping furniture it is a brand on which retailers can educate end users.  From a sales perspective it meets all the objectives of a sales business :

  • Acquiring new business - beginners have a simplified approach to flipping.
  • Retaining customers - through delivering the knowledge, you become the subject expert.  You are now that customers primary port of call for advice and more importantly products.
  • Growing invoice total - the CSPP method moves away from simple splash and dash approach to flipping and starts the conversations which lead to more items being purchased, to ensure the job is done right.


Ever wanted to sell over 2,000 paint colours?  From today you can.

We have worked with a Sydney paint manufacturer to develop a paint, low in sheen, which paints beautifully and has a built in top coat.  A paint that is simple to use, whilst maintaining a premium finish.

Our goal was to develop a base which could easily be tinted, you see if you can tint paint for a customer, then hey you don't need to have a stack of non sellers sitting on your shelf.

We also wanted to make sure the paint was affordable and since we are targeting side hustling flippers, we knew we should provide larger tins, to provide better value for money.

About the range -

  • 25 Colours across, Whites, Greys, Blues, Greens & Neutrals - No slow movers, you know those ones you have to keep dusting!
  • Available in 500ml (RRP $35) & 1 Litre tins ($59) - Yes tins, no more trying to pry a rock solid lid off a plastic jar
  • White, Light and Clear bases in 1 Litre tins -, you can take them up to the local hardware and for a few dollars they will tint them Australia Post Red or Lexicon whatever strength, to meet exactly the colour choice of your customer. 
  • Custom Colours - You can extend your range by introducing your own colours.  You can have your own exclusive boutique range of colours.


As I mentioned I worked for 20 years in corporate sales.  My passion is sales through education.  We run live training each Tuesday night and this is a key component we will bring to your business through the Flip Paints brand.

Either online live or through instore visits we will work with you to ensure your customers, your staff and you are trained and confident in the products.  This allows the passion for the products to flow and ultimately deliver sales growth. 


Whilst there will not be any geographic protection or exclusivity there are some important protections we will put in place to ensure your investment in Flip Paints is maximised.
  1. As you no doubt are aware we own Flip Style. Once Flip Paints has 30 retailers nationally, we will remove Flip Style from the retailer search on Flip Paints. We believe it is only fair that our retailers are not competing with our retail store. In addition we commit Flip Style will only offer promotions of Flip Paint Primers in line with the offers available to the retailer network.
  2. When searching for retailers on, we have installed a store locator tool which directs consumers to their closest retailer. You will benefit from all local marketing activities as your local pool of prospective customers will see you first.



We ask that you maintain a sufficient stock level to allow you to fill online orders same day and have stock on hand for walk in customers.  Below you will find details of our start up kit.

We ask that you only sell your product from your store and business website page. This means no selling on eBay, Amazon, etc, without our prior approval.

We ask that once a month on your social media you do a post in relation to the Flip Paints brand.

We ask that you share on your social media any social media posts we make in relation to brand knowledge.


We have set our pricing at 50% of RRP.  This provides you the opportunity to make a true 50% margin on sales.  All pricing is inclusive of GST.

Flip Paints Mineral Paints (Tints and Bases)

RRP Cost (Inc-GST)
500ml $35 $17.50 50% Margin
1 Litre $59 $29.50 50% Margin


Not only should the products, but also the experience dealing with Flip Paints be exceptional. To meet this expectation we have put together the following structure for the initial and ongoing wholesale relationship.


To start as a Flip Paints wholesale, you will be required to purchase a ‘Start Up Pack’. This pack includes the following and is $1,966.50 including GST :


  • 25 Colours - 1 Litre
  • 25 Colours - 500ml x 2 each
  • White Base - 1 Litre x 6 each
  • Light Base - 1 Litre x 4 each
  • Clear Base - 1 Litre x 2 each


Keeping costs to a minimum, maximises your profitability. There is a flat shipping fee of $40 for all orders up to $880. Over $880, your orders are shipped Australia wide free.


All orders are paid for at point of order. We accept all major credit cards and bank transfer. We are working on including Zip and Afterpay to the checkout to assist in future purchases.

We hope the Flip Paints range is one which you can utilise to not only introduce new customers to the world of furniture flipping through a methodology making the process easier, but also introduce to your existing customers, to increase your sales in your existing channel.

If you have any questions or would like more information, I welcome you to call me 0449 615559 to discuss.

We look forward to having you as part of the Flip Paint community. So if you are passionate about flipping, love helping your customers deliver great results and want to join the Flip Paints train, we welcome you to commence your wholesale application right here - CLICK HERE

Thanks and best regards,

Stewart Cook