Flip Paints - Mineral Furniture Paint

Flip Paints’ Mineral Furniture Paint is a low sheen, heavy duty paint, designed to make upstyling furniture, easy, fast and effective.

With built in top coat and self leveling properties, you will fall in love with Flip Paints.

• Clean, scuff sand and prime your project.
• Apply 2 coats of Flip Paints.
• Touch dry 30 minutes, re-coat 4 hours.
• Full cure 7 days.
• Brush, roll or spray, add up to 15% water.
• Water clean up

For darker colours, Grey Flip Stick and Block is best used to assist in coverage.

Flip Paints should not be used if the temperature is below 10oc or above 30oc or if the relative humidity is over 85%.

Coverage 10-14sqm per litre,

Flip Paints are manufactured in Australia.

Flip Paints Mineral Furniture Paints are water based products, with low VOC properties, infact they are nearly zero VOC. 

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